About US

We are an income-focused real estate investment firm whose goal is to provide investors with stable, income producing investments that will appreciate over time.

We believe that income producing multifamily assets provide excellent risk adjusted returns that allow investors to compound their wealth over time.

The following principles guide our investments:

  1. Principal Preservation - Our primary focus is capital preservation.  We achieve this by following a proven conservative investment blueprint for each asset.
  2. Predictable Cash Returns - Our investments distribute consistent monthly cash dividends.
  3. Improving Operating Income - Our goal is to constantly improve the income and operations of the property to increase cash dividends and improve the value of the property.
  4. Principal Reduction - Over time, the property will pay down principal, and as a result increase investors equity in the asset.
  5. Forced Appreciation - Improving the income of the property through value-add strategies will naturally cause the property to appreciate in value.
  6. Tax Benefits - Investments in multifamily assets offer multiple tax benefits.